Thursday, 14 September 2017

On Toby's eleventh birthday, he and his 
friends get a mysterious invitation to 
Happy land, the abandoned funfair in town. 
It's too good an opportunity to miss, even 
though the place gives them the creeps.
What they find there is more terrifying 
than any of them could have imagined. 
Getting in was the easy part. 
Surviving long enough to escape will be much 
Welcome to Weirdsville: Welcome to Weirdsville: 01 Happyland: Number 1 in series

Saturday, 9 September 2017

wearable arts

This term I we are doing wearable arts. it is when you make art the put it on you. My group is almost done but I will not show you our costume till after the-judge sees it. But as soon as it is over I will show you.

tom and the siege

Tom Bailey, the mischievous star of a colorful medieval world, has finally pushed his luck too far. His mother is determined to send him to Squire School. Only a full-scale siege could possibly stop her plans. Luckily... Creaky Castle is a laugh-out-loud series of medieval capers, bursting with deadly dragons, weird wizards and rampaging armies – perfect for boys everywhere!Tom and the Siege

100% Wolf

Freddy Lupin is about to undergo his first transwolftation. It’s a rite of passage for every werewolf. For Freddy, however, it’s going to be the most embarrassing night of his life. Because Freddy is not going to turn into a wolf. He’s going to turn into a poodle. Thus begins a funny and fast-paced adventure, wherein Freddy is thrown out of his pack, uncovers the truth about his father’s mysterious death, and finds out that a werewolf hunter is planning to destroy all of his family and friends, and Freddy is the only one who can stop him. He might be small, pink, and groomed, but luckily, Freddy Lupin is 100 % wolf. 

Friday, 8 September 2017

maths buudy

There is a learning game on maths buddy called speed skill. On this game you have to type the answer as fast as you can. I got 58 in 60 seconds.